About the Prints

All the prints that are sold on this site will be printed and signed by the photographer on archival paper using archival inks to insure the long term integrity of your investment. Proper matting and framing of the print using archival materials, should insure that these prints will last a generation or more, without discernible fading. As with any piece of art, the print should not be displayed in an area where it might be exposed to moisture or direct sunlight.

About the Store

The pictures in the store area of this site are small samples of the images seen in the galleries. They are there for identification purposes only, they are not accurate in quality or dimension of the actual print you will be receiving. 

5 print sizes are available; 5.5X8.5, 9.5X13, 11X17, 13X19 and 17X22. The actual print area is smaller, approximately 5X7.5, 8X12, 10X15, 12X18 and 16X21 respectively. Larger sizes are available for most of the gallery photos, please contact the photographer.  

As always, prices are subject to change. 

All prints sold from this site, or any other outlet, by the photographer, Bruce Parker, are for display purposes only and no other rights are granted without permission of the artist.